Therapeutic Markets


Therapeutic Markets


Market Opportunities
  Herpes labialis
  Catheter infection


Buckeye Pharmaceuticals is exploiting our proprietary technologies to enhance the delivery of localized pharmaceuticals through membranes such as skin, nail, eyelid or rectal wall.  Treatments will take place in physicians’ office as a reimbursable medical procedure with Buckeye merchandising the equipment, the disposable electrode and eventually the proprietary pharmaceutical.

In contrast to traditional topical drug delivery technologies that create a bolus of drug on the surface of the skin and rely on passive diffusion for delivery, Buckeye’s MACROESISTM drives a the drug into the skin, creating an intradermal drug depot. The technology provides unique convenience and control to the patient and/or physician, enabling painless treatment for a variety of dermatologic conditions. Buckeye's MACROESISTM technology is being employed to create a rich pipeline of potential products.

Our initial focus is on onychomycosis, but promising future applications are being examined including herpes labialis, catheter infections, psychotropic diseases, actinic keratosis, acne, psoriasis, and derma filler wrinkles.

Our spin-off company, Buckeye Ocular, is exploring possibilities for applying MACROESISTM to age-related macular degeneration.






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