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To bring the most benefit of our technology platform to physicians and their patients, Buckeye Pharmaceuticals will look to partner third-party compounds that are in development or are in clinical trials. 

Buckeye's MACROESISTM and EUTIFORMTM technologies are applicable to a broad range of active compounds and is ideal for delivering efficacious dosages in a non-invasive and safe manner. Our lead technology, MACROESISTM utilizes AC/DC electrochemistry and targeted drug delivery to actively push drugs to where they are needed.   Our initial focus is onchomycosis in which antifungal drugs can be driven right through the nail cuticle to the actual location of the fungus growth.  This technology looks promising for numerous therapeutic markets including onchomycosis, herpes labialis and catheter infections.

The EUTIFORMTM technology has been shown to significantly improve solubility of drugs by transforming physical structure without impacting chemical activity.  This would lower dosage required for immuno-suppressed individuals and offer new possibilities for viability of many drugs under development.

If your organization is interested in learning more about Buckeye Pharma and potential product partnering opportunities, please contact us today.

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