Buckeye Pharmaceuticals is a partnership of successful entrepreneurs and researchers who have uniquely applied electro chemistry from industrial applications to the pharmaceutical industry.  Patents are held by several team members.

  Management Team
  Board of Directors
  Advisory Board


Tom Bradshaw, Chairman of the Board, is past CEO and President of Ricerca Biosciences, a contract research company to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Prior to his position with Ricerca, Mr. Bradshaw was President of Venture Biologics, a management and consulting firm for biotechnology based companies, and President of The Catalyst Group, a technology consulting group. Bradshaw has also served as a principal with Arthur D. Little, Inc. Mr. Bradshaw has a B.A. in Chemistry and a M.B.A. degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Business.   


Michael Kaufman, CEO, President, Co-founder, a serial entrepreneur with 15 years of successful startup business experience and 2 patents. He is also a principle and Executive Vice President, Joint Ventures in a 30 year old medical device company with 6 million dollars in annual sales of FDA regulated class II medical products. His company currently is involved in formalized joint ventures with 3 different pharmaceutical companies.


Alan Riga, PhD, Chief Scientist, Co-founder, has more than 40 years experience in applied physical sciences. He is a research-teaching professor of chemistry and pharmacy at Cleveland State University and University of Toledo. In the industry for 37 years,  he has developed three  composition  patents  on emulsions and  published  more than 100 papers with  strong emphasis on sensor technology and industrial pharmacy application.


Vadim Lvovich, PhD, Technical Consultant, is an industrial electro chemist with sensor technology experience in aqueous and non-aqueous systems including developing sensors for motor oil/ chemical additive quality and complex biomedical systems characterization. Dr. Lvovich holds multiple patents in employing sensors for oil-chemistry monitoring based on electro-impedance spectroscopy methods.


Marcel Langenauer, PhD, Technical Consultant, is CEO of MedViCon, a pharmaceutical consultancy company based in Switzerland. Also Managing Director of BioEpiderm in Germany and Managing Director of Alveonix in Switzerland. He was previously for many years a board member and Research and Development Director of Spirig Phama, a major Swiss pharmaceutical company, with focus on cosmetics and dermatology. 


Kenneth Alexander, PhD, Technical Consultant, is a professor in the College of Pharmacy, the University of Toledo, Toledo, OH and on Ohio licensed pharmacist. Dr. Alexander has directed more than 100 industry graduate student projects over the past 25 years and has broad knowledge of drug transport.



Ellen Matthews, MPA, Technical Consultant, is a laboratory team leader who has presented her biomedical research at regional and national conferences, including the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the North American Thermal Analysis Society (NATAS).  She has authored and co-authored several peer-reviewed journal articles.  She also has a background in public policy and legislative affairs, serving as an assistant in two district congressional offices and at The Brookings Institution in Washington, DC.


Pam Millas, MS, Technical Consultant, is an analyst with over 20 years experience in a variety of business and engineering environments.  She holds degrees in mathematics, computer science, and psychology and has publications in each of these fields.   




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