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Buckeye Pharmaceuticals is a privately held, clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical delivery company.  We are exploiting our proprietary technologies to develop and commercialize treatment modalities that improve efficacy and safety of available therapeutics. Our drug delivery technology enables existing pharmaceuticals to greatly improve their efficacy and safety and to address unmet needs. Our ultimate goal is to transition into a Specialty Pharma company by applying our delivery technologies to proprietary drug compounds in opportunistic disease categories.  We are a partnership of successful entrepreneurs and researchers who have uniquely applied electro chemistry from industrial applications to the pharmaceutical industry.  Patents are held by several team members.

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This unique combination of technologies can enhance the delivery of topically applied drugs and the utility of systemically delivered drugs whose uses are limited by bioavailability, toxicity or side effect concerns. The resultant formulations can improve the effectiveness of existing drugs and change the way dermatological conditions are treated.









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